Easy Ways of Overcoming the Single Greatest Downside of Motorcycle Ownership

There are countless appealing things about owning and riding a motorcycle. Most owners, of course, appreciate the exciting, free-feeling experience of riding, and that should never be ignored. Motorcycle riders also pay far less in fuel and maintenance costs than those who are stuck in cars or trucks every day, with even insurance rates being quite a bit lower. Overall, motorcycle ownership is, for many people, the perfect way to satisfy the need for transportation without running up unnecessary bills and while adding a lot of enjoyment to everyday life.

That is not to say that owning a motorcycle is without its troubles, however. One common problem is that the experience of riding tends to become a lot less pleasurable when weather worsens, whether in terms of fighting against the cold or dealing with slick, wet roads when it is raining. An even bigger issue for many owners, though, is the difficulty of protecting against theft. Small and relatively light, motorcycles can make tempting targets for thieves, as nationwide crime reports regularly show.

That leaves many motorcycle owners looking for good ways to secure their beloved rides. Among all the motorbike accessories that a new owner might be advised by veterans to acquire, some kind of security device typically comes in near the top of the list. There are a variety of basic approaches to making motorcycles harder for thieves to ride off with, but a couple of them stand out today as the best options.


The basic idea, in most cases, is to reduce the motorcycle’s basic mobility so that thieves can neither ride off with it or roll it up into the bed of a waiting truck. The most common way of doing so in the past was to use a lock that immobilized a wheel after the owner walked away with the key, and this is still fairly popular.

In recent times, though, more riders have been turning to the clutch lock, instead. Designed to hold the bike’s clutch closed while in place, a lock of this kind will typically be lighter and easier to install than a wheel lock. That can make this one common downside of owning a motorcycle much less difficult to deal with.


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